Being Your Best You

Our appearance, to strangers, is our first impression. And as the saying goes, “you only get one change to make a first impression.” So what does your style say about you? I think most of us can agree no matter what we step out of the house in each day, being comfortable is among our top priorities. But fashion isn’t always comfortable. Some days, yoga pants are just so tempting, but most places of work frown upon those being worn to the office. When you get dressed in the morning how often do you stand and stare into your closet for five or more minutes hoping the comfiest thing will just jump out at you, slide on without effort, and let you hit the road? If you are like me, this happens more often than not. Or maybe you have had a long day, and you have plans for the evening, and all you want to do is throw on yoga pants and call it a night, but that’s not an option, so back to the blank stare into the closet abyss you go. I am guilty of all of the above, and not just once, but many, many times over! This begs the question how do we make our super comfy-yoga pant-look into fashion that makes us look amazing when we step out the door? Wyatt & Lil Bespoke dresses!

Growing up, I was the girl who wore high heels every day, and ensured my hair, make-up, and clothes were perfection no matter if I was going to school, traveling, shopping, going to dinner, or out with friends. The older I got, the lower the heels became during the day, and the wardrobe became more casual. Walking around a college campus, going to classes, studying in the library, or working in the labs would attribute to the majority of that, and usually the only times I “dressed down,” but I certainly didn’t dress each day like I use to. Once college was behind me and I was in the real world, I had to dress for work every day, because, well, that’s what you do. But once I came home, off that outfit went and on went the yoga pants, then evening activities such as running errands, or dinner with friends would ensue. But again, a shift in style occurred, and I wasn’t putting my best foot forward. At age 31 I was too young to be letting my style go, not just for myself, but for what it was saying about me to those around me, be it strangers, colleagues, or friends and family. But dang it! Athleisure is soo easy, comfy, and isn’t it now socially acceptable?! As much as all that might be true, it isn’t the story I want to tell when I walk out the door. After a few brainstorming sessions with myself combining thoughts of comfort, style, functionality, and individuality, I came up with Wyatt & Lil.

Wyatt & Lil is my answer to wanting to wear yoga pants all day, but being able to present a stylish, confident person to the world. W&L marries fashion and comfort in a way other companies don’t because it allows you, the customer, to design dresses YOU want to wear. Wyatt & Lil has allowed me to wear styles of dresses that flatter my body shape (which I assure you is not a size 4, everything in its place, no cellulite, no curves kind of shape), wear colors and prints that flatter me, and allow me to go from shopping at the grocery store, to church, dress up for date night, and everything in between! Above all, the fabrics are super soft, and the level of comfort I feel in these dresses is that of wearing yoga pants and my favorite tee. I love throwing on my comfy slip-on tennis shoes, or flip flops with a dress and run errands, or I love throwing on a pair of pumps, pearls, and scarf headed to church on Sunday. Dress them up, dress them down, travel in them, travel with them, wear them anywhere. Wyatt & Lil lets me be my best me no matter what!