Dressing for Game Day in the South

When I started my search for college I had a big decision to make. I had to decide between art/design college, or a liberal arts college because I knew I would major in apparel design. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to go to a big SEC school, where I could be a small fish in a big pond, and have what I envisioned the “traditional” college experience being. I grew up going to a school where I was in the same building from pre-k-12th grade. I also only graduated with 50 people, 25 of whom I started pre-k with. We weren’t known for sports, we didn’t even have a football team, so I knew I wanted something entirely different when it came to college.

College ended up being the best four years of my life to that point. It was indescribably wonderful! But to my surprise, one of the biggest highlights was something I had never truly experienced, and that was football in the south, which meant football “weekends” (and I use that term loosely because those “weekends” started on Wednesday), which meant Game Day Saturdays, and that meant a full-blown holiday every Saturday from Labor Day through January.

Of course, I grew up in a house with my dad and brother watching this sport every chance they got, but it wasn’t until college when I learned how much fun it could be and what it meant to so many people.

A football game in the south isn’t always just about the game. It’s a time for friends and family, acquaintances, and even strangers to gather, celebrate (even before a team claims a victory), eat, drink, and be merry for days on end. Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to have your classes cancelled! In true southern fashion, it may go as far as to offer your opponent some food and beverage from your tailgate if they seem to be wandering around without a tailgate of their own, or you perhaps simply give a warm welcome!

Each Game Day, I would leap out of bed like it was Christmas morning! No matter how late the night before was, rain or shine, knowing what the day ahead held, made me gleefully awaken. The rest of the day was always filled with cocktails, loads of food, band parties, laughter, shenanigans, friends, and usually a football game.  However, my favorite part of Game Day was, and still is, dressing up for the occasion! This is another reason Wyatt & Lil was created: so one could wear their team colors, dress up their dress, or down, and take it from the wee hours of the morning, through the end of the party late at night. I believe dressing for Game Day is not only for girls, but also the gents, and it doesn’t stop when you graduate.

Dressing for Game Day lets the world know where your spirit and heart lie. It’s a feeling of pride representing the colors you hold dear. You want everyone you encounter to know you support your school. In the south, it can even make a first impression and in some cases, stereotype a person! It can create friendships, or start fights. In the student section at school, you rarely saw a girl that didn’t look her best on Game Day.  Lots of guys wore button-downs, ties, and in some cases, sports coats. While some did wear tee shirts and came more casually dressed, they still wore school colors with pride.

I love how dressing for Game Day is so important in the south whether you are in school or out. It makes weekends in the fall so much more fun no matter where you are. With our new array of colors, we want you to be able to show your school pride! Hop on over to the dress creator and design a dress that expresses you on your football weekends! Tag us in your FB, Insta, and Twitter picks rocking your school spirit!