Hi! I don’t know about you, but I love to shop! But more so, I love to feel good in what I purchase. As a woman who doesn’t have the perfect body, that can certainly be a challenge at times. When I founded Wyatt & Lil, the seasons were changing and it was time to switch out my wardrobe. As I thumbed through my closet, I knew what needed to be filled in. But without spending a fortune, being too dressy, too casual, too uncomfortable, or above all, having something fit my not so perfect body properly, where was I to turn?

So, I decided something like this needed a place in the market. What if you had a place to design your own dress with a style and colors that looks best on you, not break the bank, and be able to wear to daily events from sun up to sun down because it is that comfortable? Well, my “what if” turned into “why not,” and just like that, Wyatt & Lil was born!

All of our dresses are made in the USA by a women owned & operated facility. Dresses are custom made to tested body types, and each piece is made to order. We have affiliate based store sales and online sales directly to you, the customer, at an unbeatable price point. Our dresses are all knit for your ultimate comfort, and are buildable from body style to color and fabric. Wyatt & Lil was created for YOU so you can feel the best about you!